How long do tours last?
Tours will generally last 90 minutes.

What are your tour prices?
Currently adult tickets are $13 and children (6-12) $8
October Tours -- prices can vary. Tickets are purchased online.

Are you tours child friendly?
Yes they are.   We do not recommend the tours for very young children as the walk can
become long and tiresome.

Do you go inside any buildings?
No, all of our downtown tours are outside with the exception of our American Hotel Tour.

Are there restrooms along the tour route?
Yes, they're are a few stops along the route that do provide restrooms provided they are open.

How far of a walk do you walk on your tours?
Most downtown tours generally walk about a mile through town unless otherwise stated.

Are dogs allowed on your tours?
Yes, provided they are on a leash and well mannered.

What is your weather policy regarding your tours?
We generally leave rain or shine.   However in the event of a long lasting or heavy rain, we have
and will cancel tours.   When in doubt it is best to call us at 540-448-2743.   We encourage you
to bring along an umbrella if needed.

Will I see a ghost?
You may, you may not.   While we can not guarantee you will, people do at times have unusual
experiences on the tours.    We do encourage folks to bring a camera and an audio recorder.
Experiences reported have been voices heard, being touched, things seen out of the corner of your eye.

Do you allow paranormal equipment on your tours?
Yes, as long as it does not distract the tour group.   We strongly encourage folks to bring a camera,
audio recorder and a flashlight along on tours.

Where can I park my vehicle?
Parking is available at the downtown parking garage where we begin our tours.   Parking is also available
and free at the Johnson Street Wharf Paking lot just a block over from the parking garage.   Street
parking is available as well.

What else should I know?
We strongly suggest arriving 15 minutes before your tour is to begin (particularly during the fall season).
This will allow enough time to park and take care of tour fees once you arrive.   We also suggest
wearing comfortable clothing for the season and weather conditions, good walking shoes and
bring an umbrella if the threat of bad weather pending.
Last it is recommend to bring a empty bladder (just in case).

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