Presented by Black Raven Paranormal
Ghostly evening tours of historic downtown Staunton, Virginia.

Looking forward to seeing you this season!      Welcome to our 10th Season!
Ghosts of Staunton Walking Ghost Tours have recently been featured in the Daily
News Leader and the News Virginian

Haunted Staunton, Virginia -- "Queen City of the Shenandoah Valley"
Spirit Box Depot Walking Ghost Tour

Our very POPULAR Haunted Depot Tour featuring the Spirit Box is scheduled
for selected weekends in October. Join us for a live, recorded event as we
attempt to communicate with those on the other side who have departed
the world of the living.. Do the Dead Wish to Speak?

Please call 540-448-2743 for more info and reservations...

Five years ago we introduced the box on our original walking tours with
amazing results.   Are they voices from beyond?   You decide.   Now you
are the investigator and will ask questions as you will attempt to
communicate with the other side.   What exactly is a spirit box?

Click here to find out what a Spirit Box is and listen to samples.

A SPIRIT BOX is a tool used by some paranormal investigators to communicate or
speak with the other side.   Basically a Ghost Box is a modified, portable AM/FM
radio that continuously scans the band.   It is believed to create white noise and
audio remnants from broadcast stations that entities are able to use to form
words and complete sentences to communicate with the living.

Now for the first time, the Ghosts of Staunton offer YOU firsthand a chance to
commmunicate with the other side.   Each tour conducts a 15 minute Ghost Box
session at the Staunton Train Station, scene of the terrible 1890 train wreck that
claimed the life of Miss Myrtle Knox.

We do not gaurantee a successful communication each and every time out.   One
never knows what may or may not come across during a session.   Skeptics and
believers alike agree, the Ghost Box is a very interesting technique in
the field today!

Often times, we will have success with people's names that come across from the box.

Listen to Spirit Box clips from our tours..

Ghosts of Staunton is presented by Black Raven Paranormal.   BRP has
investigated many locations here in Staunton as well as some of the
most notoriusly haunted locations in the country.   Please
visit us at Black Raven Paranormal for more information.

Ticket prices are    $12.00 -- Adults,    $6.00 -- Children 12 and under

Tour is not recommended for young children
The clips we share from previous box and audio sessions from the depot and other
locations have been very well recieved from children of all ages over the years.
We have never had a situation where a child has become frightened.   However
when we do a LIVE Spirit Box Session with interaction from the group, we
simply do not know what may or may not come across the box.   We leave it up
to each parent to decide what they think is best.   We suggest parents listen to
our archive of box clips from the above link.

Haunted Depot Tour
with the Spirit Box

Our Tour begins at Statler Brothers
Memorial at the front entrance of
the Johnson Street Wharf parking lot.
Please arrive 15-20 minutes early, tour
begins promptly on time.   Tours leave rain
or shine so please dress accordingly.

2017 Haunted Depot Walking Ghost Tour (Spirit Box) Schedule

Haunted Depot Tour (with the Spirit Box) -- OCTOBER 20, 21, 27, 28 AT 8:45 PM

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Haunted Depot Tour (with the Spirit Box) -- OCTOBER 31st
AT 7 PM   All Tickets discounted to $10 & $5 for HALLOWEEN DEPOT TOUR

Tickets can be purchased at the time of the event and at our starting
location, however reservations are recommended.   For
reservations and information, please call us at


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