Presented by Black Raven Paranormal
Ghostly evening tours of historic downtown Staunton, Virginia.

Looking forward to seeing you this season!      Welcome to our 8th Season!
Ghosts of Staunton Walking Ghost Tours have recently been featured in the Daily News Leader and the News Virginian

Founded in 1932 as a private pay unit of the Western State Hospital, the DeJarnette Center for
Human Development (formally the DeJarnette State Sanitorium) was named after Dr. Joseph
DeJarnette, a prominent Virginia psychiatrist and strong supporter of eugenics, particularly
the compulsory sterilization of the mentally ill.

Ghostly activity has been reported here at the sanatorium for many, many years from unexplained
lights to full bodied apparitions.

Join us for this 90 minute tour as we discuss the history of the Sanatorium, Dr DeJarnette and
the many unexplained events and individuals that still may linger at this historic location.
Do those individuals that still remain here have a story to tell?

Tours available every Saturday at 4:30 pm in October only!!


This tour does NOT take you into any of the DeJarnette buildings.

"Memories of DeJarnette"
NBC29-TV News 10/10/2015

"Memories of DeJarnette"
NBC29-TV News 10/10/2015

We are so very excited to have Shari Pennington of Fort Mack Productions participating
in our "Memories of DeJarnette" walking tour as her staff film for their upcoming
documentary involving Dr. Joseph DeJarnette, DeJarnette Sanatorium
and Western State Asylum.

Ghosts of Staunton is presented by Black Raven Paranormal.   BRP has investigated many locations
here in Staunton as well as some of the most notoriusly haunted locations in the country.   
For more information, please visit us at Black Raven Paranormal.

Ticket prices are    $12.00 -- Adults,    $6.00 -- Children 6-12 years of age

Cash Payment Only Please

2015 "Memories of DeJarnette" Schedule

October Only -- Every Saturday Afternoon at 4:30 pm

Tickets can be purchased at the time of the event and at our starting location, however
reservations are recommended.   For reservations and information, please call us at


* Important Information *

Please do not contact the American Frontier Culture Museum in regards to tickets and information
for tours.   For reservations and information, please call the Ghosts of Staunton Walking
Ghost Tours at 540-448-2743.

Please do not trespass on the grounds or into the DeJarnette Buildings.   In conjunction with the huge
amount of interest in the buildings, security has been increased.   The buildings are monitored
and trespassers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.